I Can’t Understand Candy Crush Addicts

candy crush addict

Most of my friend is talking about Candy Crush Saga. We actually like it. At first, I am not really a fan of Candy Crush. I can’t understand why my friends are so into this game. But now, after playing it for some time, I realize that there is something in this game that is not in other games. It has a childish theme but at the same time, it can be challenging for adults.

It is all about candies, chocolates and other childhood craze but the puzzles and headache it gives is not typical children’s play. At least you need to analyze things before you crush candies or the game will crush your lives. In addition to the reason why many are hooked, I believe it is because, once in a while, we all like to go back to the simple world of being a child but at the same time, we don’t want to be too silly about it. Well, somehow that is how I look at it.

But there is one thing, I can’t understand. These are the so-called Candy Crush Addicts who are continuing to play and pay Candy Crush Saga. I recently read someone along the line where, one player spent more than $200 in a week for lives and boosters. C’mon. It is only a game. Spending that much doesn’t really make sense for a game that gives you free lives if you will just wait. Moreover, if you really want to finish certain levels, there are many Candy Crush strategies and how to finish certain levels scattered in the internet. If you will just check http://a2zVideoGames.com, you can easily get strategies and tips for candy crush that you don’t need to spend money on it. For example, if you are stuck with certain levels such as level 78, that’s a pretty hard candy crush level. Just go to google and type, how to finish candy crush level 78 and you will have enough tips to finish it.

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Coffee is the Core of My World

How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?

1 cup? 2 cups? 4 cups?

If you ask me, I just realized that that most of the time I am taking 5-6 cups of coffee a day. Now that I writing about it, I can say, “it’s crazy.”


Now, maybe you are thinking that I am lying to you. It’s impossible that I just noticed it recently. Somehow, I should have known it. Right?

Yeah, I know that coffee is one thing in this world that I cannot live without. I know that I drink 3-4 cups per day. One in the morning for sure. One, possibly an hour before lunch and one at night without fail. However, the culprit why my coffee drinking habit pumped up is because of the new coffee vending machines they placed just outside my office. And when I happened to past it by, I really can’t help it. You know, the machine was so enticing as it dispense those cute hot cups and lids and because of that, the supply for my black juice just became more accessible. Before, I need to really want it, go out from the building, take a little walk to StarBucks. Now, I just need to go out from the office and pop some coins. Well, I just realized it today that it’s been like that for a month now.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

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I am somewhat addicted to it so browsed some stuff from youtube and there’s a lot of videos about coffee. A website like https://www.friendlyfolkfinder.com will provide you with the highest quality in the industry. Actually, because of the many things I watched, I don’t know now how to look at coffee especially with regards to the issue, is it helpful or not. But there’s one video that caught my attention. Here is what, just watch it. The number of people who get interested in hotels search increases every day.

Do you know what caught my attention?

Did you ever hear someone who puts eggshell in his/her coffee?

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Do You Know Christian Grey?

I don’t know this guy since recently but one time, I heard one of my female friend talking about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and how awesome it is, she said. Well, I was hoping that my friend knows perfectly what awesome means so I read the novel. It was a bestseller anyway plus, I learned that there three in this series of fifty shades. However, at the middle of reading the book, I was thinking, do women like reading the sexual fifty shades trilogy. I never thought ladies like these kinds of material.

largest dog breed . obat kuat alami christian_grey_posterNow, I know why my female friend liked this title. The novel created a character named Christian Grey and made him the epitome of being a man. I can’t help to conclude that every women fantasize being with Christian Grey in this erotica new york times bestseller novel. That is how the writer honed his character and well, I hope women may find someone like that in the real world. Logically, I can’t think of man that is so damn rich (billionaire), yet he is young and self-made. Unless he is dealing with illegal kind of business. Despite of all the smokin’ hot nights in the book, I am not really sure but I can’t remember any detail how Christian Grey manages his dynasty. It is like his fortunes just automatically grows in his backyard. Despite of the book’s addiction with details regarding to saying something, glimpses and movements of lips, the details of Christian Grey’s career is missing.

Ladies, please don’t blame me. Somehow, I am really into bashing titles, on screen or in print. But I can’t help to think about this. It is not that I don’t want all the steamy stuff. But I can’t imagine that this is the only thing that the book offers and then, it is a New York’s bestseller.

Well, because it is all about the steamy stuff, we can continue imagining as you look at some of the potential couples for the movie coming out.

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Now I am Blogging to Read what I am Thinking

Blogging. I never thought I will try to do this but here I am… Blogging.

I don’t know what to write. I even don’t know how to start.

A friend of mine introduced this to me and at first, I am thinking that this is kinda silly. I thought, why would I want to write my thoughts for the whole world to see. Maybe, the part of me that prefers privacy was talking at that time. But eventually, it came to a point that I thought to myself, What if. What if I write something in the internet? What if I leave some of my footprints for other people to see? As of the moment, this is the only thing that I am thinking. Just to write something for other people to see. As of now, I am not really into making my true personality known like my blogger friend – it seems that her blog is the same as her diary or journal. Well, I am not yet into that kind of stuff. I just want to process my thoughts and put it into writing just to be able to read what I am thinking.

That is actually a good one. I even changed the title of this entry.

To Read What I am Thinking.

Stop ThinkingLots of times, I forget my own thoughts – The ideas, a melodic line, a possible lyrics of song, business solutions, anything under the sun. So to write or type things as I think through things can possibly add some value to me. Well, maybe that is what I will do in this blog.

If something came to my mind, I will try my best to put it into this blog. So I will be able to come back to it and be able to sort things out about it.

The thing is, I am not really into journals or diary. I often lost them in the process. I tried to do it in phone and tablets but eventually, the process and how fast technology and gadgets change makes me go nuts. So I will try this platform and medium of blogging if it will serve my purpose.

I hope this works for me. I really do hope so.

Next time.